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Monofibre hair extensions are the brainchild of Simon Forbes formerly of Antenna the birthplace of hair extensions, famously housed in a 19th century barn in the heart of Kensington. These extensions are still the original and best quality man made hair extensions available. Antenna have closed down and there are only a handful of hairdressers with the original training that supply this amazing system that comprehensively cover all hair types, lengths and colours, there is no type of hair that cannot be matched or created and this is the beauty of this system that no other type of hair extension can mimic.

They come in 22 colours and are a good choice for those wishing to enhance their natural hair either in thickness, length, introduction of colour like highlights. Most people don’t have block colour but multi-tonal, and that is why the bespoke colour-mixing process where all the different shades in your hair are selected and hand mixed offering a precise blend which ensures your hair extensions are a 100% colour matched to your own hair. They come in 3 textures straight, wavy and curly and a special techniques has been developed to produce corkscrew ringlets and dreadlocks too, any colour or texture can be accommodated.

With this type of hair the method of application does not include the use of any bonding glues. Small sections of hair evenly spaced along the parting of insertion and with the aid of an assistant an imperceptible 4 stem braid of 5mm is plaited into the hair, using an assistant on the 4 stem braid means there is no tension on the natural hair. This introduces the Monofibre to the natural hair, one of the remaining strands from the 4 stem braid is wrapped around the tiny braid and then heat sealed using a specialist hair extension heat sealing gun, negating the need for any glues. The hair is neatly protected by the seal ensuring no damage to natural hair. The hair is then cut to blend in with the Monofibre giving the client a more natural look.

These extensions are amazing for adding volume to the existing hair, all over or just partially where needed. They don’t tangle, and you can have your colour re-touched whilst wearing them. The Monofibre that we use is a professional product of superior quality and is not something you will be able to purchase on the high street, and as such you have the option of heat styling your hair with variable heat setting straighteners or Carmen rollers. If you don’t want a full head of hair extensions and just feel you need a little volumizing in certain areas these extensions are perfect, also if you would like to have some hi-lights or just introduce some colour without commitment, or damage to the hair these are also a perfect solution.

These extensions last for three months, whereupon you would come back to have them removed and re-applied. We tend to lose up to a 100 hairs a day naturally so if we leave the extensions in for longer than 3 months the new growth may become matted. It is extremely important to stress that the removal is as much of a professional job as the application itself and it is for this reason clients are advised not to attempt removal of the extensions themselves, as this could damage the natural hair

The upkeep of these hair extensions is very simple you wash and use them as your own hair. Styling with heated appliances such as tongs and rollers is permitted but should never be used on a high heat but a medium setting. The Pro-line range of products add wonderful softness and sheen, and a soft bristle brush would need to be purchased to maintain the condition of the extensions and keep them tangle free.

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