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Afro Hair Extensions

> Naturally curly or relaxed afro hair is ideal for silken tresses fibre which is our non-human hair It works very well for all styles.
> We don’t need to use any removal solution with Silken Tresses Fibre to remove the extensions which is kind to afro hair in its natural or relaxed state as solvents and removers can be very harmful to afro hair as although it’s thick tends to be quite porous, dry and prone to breakage.
> We are able to plait in to the roots of the natural hair thus ensuring no damage or breakage to the natural hair, it is also very helpful in giving the natural hair a rest from heat styling etc on a daily basis so is beneficial in aiding the growth of natural hair.
> Our professional placement of these extensions gives a very realistic head of hair that is able to move and blow in the wind, as each extension is put in individually and does not alter the heads shape as in with weaves, where the sheer bulk of hair underneath and method can make these type of hair extensions stand too proud of the root giving an unnatural appearance. This is also an unsuitable method for hair growth as there is little or no air to the roots causing all manner of problems from flaky scalp to hair loss.

> We leave the partings and hair line areas out of the extensions which we can style to blend in with the Silken Tresses fibre enabling the wearer to brush her whole head of hair with the appropriate brush. The end result is a very beautiful and natural looking head of hair.
> Silken tresses fibre is an acrylic based fibre and it comes in 22 colours and varying textures straight, wavy, very curly and cork screw so you too could have honey coloured waves like Beyonce, If you don’t want to colour your own hair it’s also a great alternative to adding some highlights of your chosen shade.

> Once applied Afro Hair Extensions are cut and blended in with natural hair. They last for up to 3 months but can be maintained mid-cycle by relaxing hair line and parting with our Phyto specific relaxers, which are amazingly gentle and effective, using the power of pure botanical extracts and hi-tech science. The Phyto range contains no lye and is suitable for those wishing to grow their hair whilst relaxing their hair damage free.
> We also sell the after-care to go with your Silken Tresses extension which contains a shampoo, conditioner and a daily care spray.
> Being a fibre you can not use normal straighteners but we do sell a variable temperature setting heat appliance to allow you to add some volume or waves these can be used on the Silken Tresses fibre.
> We have found that our Afro hair clients love this system as the end result is amazing and natural and the maintenance is very easy .
> This is a very bespoke type of extension so consultations are a must prior to any application
> View this models stunning transformation and see how wearable these extension really are.

Afro Hair Extension Video

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